"You Get What You Pay For"

What is or was fREBieware?

Years ago there was a comraderie among PC users where code and programs were shared freely. As the concept of Shareware evolved, fewer developers shared their work, hoping to make a few bucks on shareware registration. Shareware has evolved into Nagware or worse, with few authors continuing to release free or public domain software. fREBieware grew out of this original pioneer spirit.

fREBieware began with a series of DOS utilities and TSRs. With the demise of DOS, I developed a few Windows programs which I shared, but soon lost interest in further development. There are other, better designed, programs that do most of what some of my Windows programs could do, and then some. I haven't seen other programs that duplicate those posted here, though.

The Files:

All programs are freeware .AND. RiskWare- use at own risk.

They work for me. They might work for you...

Richard Barlow